Information model tunnels

Drafting asset information model tunnels and technical installations

In support of ProRail's asset management processes, incertex configures and redesigns the complete asset information model of tunnels, associated structures and technical installations, and supervises the implementation of the model in the data systems of the owner / asset managers. The asset information model is the foundation of all asset information of all railway tunnels (17) and dive-unders in The Netherlands. It is based upon international standards for technical installations in critical industrial proceses and the real estate sector.

Our activities are:

  • to make an  inventory of the entire area of ​​real estate asset types and technical installations;
  • to align with the various asset managers, asset owners and technical experts;
  • to determine object type boundaries;
  • to draft definitions, aliases, set-up instructions, fill-in instructions;
  • to determine relevant information requirements (characteristics, document questions);
  • to determine relevant document questions;
  • to design an object type model;
  • to implement the model in data systems;
  • to instruct / guide employees with the new asset information model.

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