Create an information environment

  • Establishing an asset information model (decomposition/dimension/concept) (OTL, COINS, BID00001, BID00026, CIC, IEC/ISO-81346-2)
  • Drafting asset definitions and design principles (if necessary/not available)
  • Defining identification of assets
  • Defining specifications systems (databases and applications)
  • Setting up process administration, issuing and maintainance of information
  • Drawing up regulations of technical documentation/drawings
  • Drawing up determination/change process of regulations

Optimize resources

  • Informing suppliers/contractors regarding requirements of information structure, format and content
  • Setting up systems/models of suppliers to enable first time right delivery of information
  • Setting up systems/model of asset/real estate managers to improve existing sources (e.g. validation)
  • Coach draughtsmen/work planners/project team members to understand requirements and regulations and apply them properly

Guide transfers of information

  • Setting up/documenting process of transfer of information
  • Validating supplied information decompositions to regulation of asset/real estate managers
  • Translating/interpreting vendor information concepts → project organization/developer → owner/asset manager
  • Converting data to the required format and version (contractor → incertex → client) (version A → incertex → version B)
  • Demarcation of real estate plots in drawings and space states