Children's camp Zeeland

As a B2B company, incertex believes it is important to also work for society. We believe in long-term and lasting relationships where people and results are essential, whereas capital is not. Since the foundation incertex has been committed to the Children’s Camp Zeeland of the Vereniging Humanitas.

Since 1981, Children’s Camp Zeeland has been organized from the idea that an annual holiday is not always possible for all children. The aim is to offer children from the province of Zeeland, aged 7 to 15, who never go on holiday, a carefree holiday week in which they can fully enjoy carelessly together with other children. These weeks are supervised by skilled, enthusiastic volunteers. The 80 children sleep in large army tents on a large terrain near the Veerse Meer (Lake of Veere). During the week they are involved in broadly diverse social activities including sports, games, expression and exploring together.

A number of employees of incerex go to camp as volunteer. We annually sponsor a number of sustainable necessities to make the camp possible. We believe there is nothing more beautiful to see children laughing and enjoying music, campfires, the outdoors and new friendships.

Would you like to know more about the Children’s Camp Zeeland or make a contribution? Visite their website:

  •  Founded: 1981
  •  Participants per year: 80
  •  Volunteers per year : 38
  •  5 teams: 
    youngest camp: 7, 8, 9 years olds 
    middle camp: 10, 11, 12 years olds 
    oldest camp: 13, 14, 15 years olds 
    cooking staff 
    technical staff
  •  Number of overnight stays: 795
  •  Number of sleeping tents: 21
  •  Number of meals: 2402
  •  Number of euro subsidy: 0