Identify assets (CIC)

incertex has made the international standards DIN 6779-2 and NEN-EN-IEC 81346-2, for a large infrastructure and real estate manager, company-specific and laid down in a new company code (BID00026). For this information model, the design principles / reasoning style were also drawn up in order to encode all 119 described assets / installations and associated components in a uniform manner. To support the design principles, various appealing examples of information carriers with coding installation and components (CIC) have been added.

The unique identification of components, subsystems and systems based on a generic coding method - in which each location, system, subsystem and component is provided with a unique asset coding / tag numbering   in the form of a series of letters and numbers - is a requirement for asset data management and makes it possible to link costs, maintenance data and performance to assets in a structured way. The coding methodology supports the design of the information provision, the functional and operational acquisition and maintenance of systems, the building up of historical data, the organization of interfaces with related IT systems and configuration management. The information from asset data management is input to Asset management in order to achieve optimal system effectiveness and control of costs over the life of an asset and to meet the high availability and safety requirements set for the assets and complexes.

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2 international standards made company-specific 
6 technical disciplines 
119 asset / plant types elaborated 
115 pages