Railway area Delft

Information transfer

Railway area Delft is a multi-year construction project in which a railway tunnel, railway track, municipal office and station hall are realized. With several main contractors and a complex construction phase, the preparation of a good project-specific configuration and transfer of information was essential.


If real estate costs, ownership and management need to be divided between different parties, clear demarcation drawings and space states are indispensable annexes to the title deeds and maintenance agreements. For the Railway area Delft project we have made the divisions in accordance with the agreements made. This means that floor plans and cross-sections are made suitable for intake by the Land Registry in a clear, timely and neutral way. Due to the vast area (2.2 km), additional divisions have been made to mark the boundary between railway and public space.

Review information

It is important for an asset manager to be able to quickly obtain the correct information from drawings, calculations and documents. That is why we have checked for this project whether drawings meet the agreements made about content and structure. This ensures that drawings can be easily stored or exchanged between the involved parties.

Conversion data

In order for the information transfer between contractor(s) and asset manager(s) to run smoothly, it is often necessary for data carriers (such as title blocks) to be converted accordingly to the regulations of the asset manager and real estate manager. This allows the receiving party to register the drawings after conversion in its own document administration system. Part of the data conversion is converting telecom drawings and civil drawings.

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  • Project organization: ProRail
  • Asset manager/real estate manager: ProRail, NS Stations and Municipality Delft
  • Main contractor: Dura Vermeer, Mobilis, Strukton
  • 3,116 drawings drafted
  • 12,212 files viewed
  • 862 folders sorted
  • 47.8 GB of data stored
  • 1 demarcation drawing public space / railway area drafted
  • 33 demarcation drawings of structures drafted
  • 2 space states with reference to room records
  • 131 telecom drawings converted