Utrecht Central Station

If real estate costs, ownership and management need to be divided between different parties, clear demarcation drawings and space states are indispensable annexes to the title deeds and maintenance agreements. For the Utrecht Central Station project we have made the divisions in accordance with the agreements made. This means that floor plans and cross-sections are made suitable for intake by the Land Registry in a clear, timely and neutral way. Due to the vast area of ​​the project area, additional divisions have been made to mark the boundary between railway and public space.

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  • Project organization: ProRail, Project organization (POR) Utrecht
  • Asset manager/real estate manager: ProRail, NS Stations, Gemeente Utrecht
  • 1 demarcation drawing public space / railway area drafted
  • 137 demarcation drawings of structures drafted
  • 1 space state drafted
  • 541 files saved
  • 3.28 GB of data created